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New Here?

Well, hello there!

Welcome to our Baby Buddy blog page. We are so glad that you chose to click the link and read on. This is just the first of many blogs you will have a chance to peruse. Our goal for this page is to engage with our family of current and future customers. Each week we will discuss a new topic ranging from the history of our company, to the life of modern day parents, and the list goes on. Hopefully you will come back each week to interact with other parents, experts, and bloggers regarding these various topics. We know and understand that parenting comes with a host of challenges and differing circumstances. There are some of you chasing toddlers around, or helping your middle school child choose friends wisely,  and others who may be dealing with a rebellious teen. Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum – we care about what concerns you. These blogs will be carefully designed to help you along your parenting journey.

Our, brand strategist, Phoebe James will be the main content manager for the blog posts. As time goes on she will share more of her life as a young wife and mom of toddlers. Like most young moms, she and her husband are learning how tiring yet rewarding parenting can be. She will give a quirky, honest, and transparent perspective to the blog. However, occasionally we will have guest bloggers, who will also share their insight with us. We believe adding the voices of other trusted individuals will bring a well-rounded viewpoint to our overall approach. We want you to feel free to reply to us with any comments, questions, or concerns you have. Our family welcomes you, and we hope to get to know each of you better.

Stick around – there are exciting things ahead!

3 Responses

  1. Great, looking forward to seeing what God has instore 🙂

  2. Phoebe James says:

    Thanks Nicksays we are looking forward to what the Lord will do! Stay tuned 🙂

  3. Looking forward to future posts

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