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What are Brilliant Tooth Tissues?

Brilliant Oral Care Tooth Tissues Pack

Developed by a pediatric dentist, Tooth Tissues are the first step in developing a lifetime of oral care for your child’s precious gums and teeth. With our Tooth Tissues, you only need a simple wipe of the mouth to clean your baby’s delicate gums, teeth, and tongue. Made from natural ingredients like bamboo and sweetened with Xylitol, they are completely paraben and fluoride-free. 

What is Xylitol, you ask? It’s a natural plant sweetener that cleans the mouth and prevents potential cavities. Studies have proven that Xylitol reduces bacteria and acid in the mouth and acts as a non-adhesive to tooth enamel. 

What’s better is that our Tooth Tissues are easy-to-travel accessories that provide a cleaner, healthier mouth for babies ages 0 to 16 months. Plus, they can be easily used by people of any age for a lifetime of great oral care that starts at the very beginning.

Brilliant Oral Care Tooth Tissues Pack

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