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Brilliant Growing Kids Oral Care Kit


Brilliant Growing Kids Oral Care Kit with Child and Kids Round Toothbrushes to Teach and Train Oral Care – 2+ yrs

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Your little one is growing up and has a desire to take control of his or her oral care. Our Growing Kids Oral Care Kit was created to help toddlers grow up as Brilliant Brushers. Each kit includes two Brilliant Can’t Miss Toothbrushes – our Child Toothbrush, for when molars come in, and our Kids Toothbrush, for when baby teeth begin to fall out and adult teeth arrive. The Can’t-Miss round head allows for increased effectiveness and efficiency over plain, flat toothbrushes, reaching and cleaning teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks. Your little one will enjoy the praise as they learn to brush (not to mention brushes with over 10,000 bristles) and parents/caregivers will enjoy knowing that those pearly whites and tender gums are getting the care they deserve. The kit also includes a 2oz tube of our Spry Tooth Gel, which has xylitol, a natural sweetener your kids will love. Xylitol is especially good for your child’s dental health. It has unique properties that don’t let bacteria stick to teeth and gums. Because the bacteria can’t adhere, they can’t grow and flourish, which means your child’s teeth will have added protection against Sugar Bugs. Available in Blue, Green, or Pink colors. Includes educational guide for the Developmental stage of a child’s oral care development. Gift one today!

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