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Teething 101

Quote: “Watching a teething baby is like watching over a nuclear reactor-it’s best done in shifts by well-rested people.”

Teething can be a difficult time for parents and children alike. Children often become fussy, restless, have swollen gums, and even reject food during teething. Baby Buddy has a complete oral care line that is available for infants that can help soothe gums and keep gums healthy. Babies are born with all 20 primary teeth below their gum line. They typically start to come through between 6 and 12 months. When your child’s first tooth appears, talk to your dentist about scheduling their first dental visit. Treat their first dental visit as you would a well-baby checkup with the child’s physician. Remember: starting early is the key to a lifetime of good dental health. Children usually have their full set of baby teeth in place by age 3. There’s no time like now to start incorporating great products into your child’s oral care routine.

Remember children mimic what they see – are you modeling healthy oral care habits to them?

Check out this review by a young mom named Erin. She and her son are now fans of the Silicone Finger Toothbrush and the Wipe N’ Brush – learn why. Both items can be found on our website under our oral care tab. Your teething baby will thank you!


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